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This tutorial will show you how to open an encrypted email received from one of our senders for the first time.

To open PDF files on your computer, we recommend that you download install the latest Adobe Reader for free (PC & Mac):

Step 1 - Download the attached Encrypted PDF file to your computer.

In Yahoo, click Save

Click Save to my computer

In Gmail, click Download


In AOL, click the green button

In Microsoft Outlook, right-click and save to desktop

In Hotmail, click the attachment icon

Step 2 - Click the link inside the email message to be taken to our Secure Portal.

Step 3 - A one-time sign up for a free account with our Secure Portal is required. Enter your password twice and click Apply (Be sure to use a relatively strong password). Write down your password as you will need it to access our Secure Portal in the future.

Step 4 - Click Generate password

Step 5 - Copy the one-time generated password.

Step 6 - Open the downloaded PDF file on your computer.

Paste the generated password into the prompt and click OK.

All done! You can now view the secure email message.


If the sender attached a file to the encrypted email, it will show up as an embedded attachment on the top left of the PDF file.

To send a secure reply, click the Reply button on the top right of the PDF file.

When composing a secure reply message, you may attach a file up to 5MB. When done, click Send.

Anytime you want to send a secure email to this sender, you can use the Reply button within the Encrypted PDF file.

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