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This tutorial will show you how to setup ActiveSync on the Samsung Galaxy S3.

At the time of this writing, the current Operating System (OS) version is Android 4.1.2 "Jelly Bean". Make sure your phone's operating system is up to date before adding an email account to it, you can get help on how to do this from your wireless carrier (AT&T, Verizon, etc.).

We have not tested the S4 yet, however based on customer feedback, setup on the S4 is identical or very similar to the S3.

We highly recommend setting up your email account when your phone is connected to wifi, if you are on 3G/4G, make sure you have good reception while in one place and not moving around.

*Not all mobile devices and data plans support ActiveSync. Check with your wireless provider before attempting to setup your device with our service. Samsung Galaxy S3 supports PUSH email, contacts, calendar, and tasks synchronization with our Secure Webmail Interface.


 From the home screen, touch the Email icon.


If you have not setup any email addresses yet, you will see this screen, you can skip a few steps below. Otherwise, please follow the instructions below to add an account to other existing email accounts on the phone.


Touch the Menu button.


Touch Settings


Touch the + icon


Touch the Corporate icon


1. Enter your email address (given to you by your company administrator)

2. Enter your email password twice (given to you by your company administrator)

Touch Manual setup


1. Enter your domain name, backslash, user prefix. For this example, our email is, so we entered\demo.

2. Exchange server: Enter (if you signed up on or after 9/23/13, enter


Scroll down.

Check the box for Use secure connection (SSL)

Touch Next


Touch OK


 Touch OK


Choose your settings here, for us the default settings are acceptable.

Period to sync Email: we recommend 1 month

We do not recommend selecting All because it will take a very long time to sync, especially if you have a lot of old messages.


Scroll down, select all the options you want to enable.

Touch Next


Touch Activate


Name to identify your Email Pros account on your Galaxy phone (it can be anything)

Touch Next


Touch Done with accounts

All done! The next steps are optional if you would like a custom ringtone for new email notifications.



From within the email application, touch the Menu button



Touch Settings


Touch the email account you want to access.


Scroll down.

Check the box for the Vibrate option if you want your phone to vibrate on new emails.

Touch Select ringtone


Once you select a ringtone, touch OK

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